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How you can support Northampton Neighbors

When you sashay up Main Street with us in the DoozyDo Parade, you’ll be spreading the word about Northampton Neighbors and the free services, programs, and events we provide to older adults in our community. Thank you!

We’d also like to invite you to join our fundraising effort. The money you raise will empower Northampton Neighbors to continue offering both supportive services and social engagement that enrich the lives of our members and to expand our reach and the resources we provide.

How it Works

We’ve set the registration fee low for parade participants ($10 per person) to be as inclusive as possible. If that works for you, you’re in! However, because the parade is, among other things, a fundraiser for Northampton Neighbors, we hope you’ll contribute more than that and perhaps consider peer-to-peer (PtP) fundraising (asking friends and family to support your participation in an event for a favorite cause – a walkathon, a road race or, in this case, the DoozyDo Parade).

We’ve made fundraising easy. Make your contribution to Northampton Neighbors through the RunReg website (more on this below). We’ll have incentives for individuals who contribute at a higher level. And, if you’re interested in helping with PtP fundraising, which will raise substantially more funds for Northampton Neighbors, here’s how it works:

First, you set a goal. As an example, let’s say your goal is $150.00.

Drawing on your family and friends, your bowling league, your co-workers–maybe even that friendly couple who live up the street–you reach out and ask for their support.

What if you ask each of the three people to contribute $25.00? You’re already halfway to your goal.

Now, what if you choose three more from your list and ask them each for $15.00?

A final 3 people, contributing just $10.00 each, brings you to your goal.

You have succeeded! Your $10 contribution to Northampton Neighbors just turned into $150. Northampton Neighbors is immediately better equipped to enrich the lives of our community seniors because of you and your network.


Your Helpers

Any support you might need is available to you. Here are your helpers:

The Parade Committee

Your main resource will be members of the parade organizing committee specifically tasked to answer any and all questions about PtP fundraising. We are happy to give you our contact information (see the Contact Us page) and you can reach us any time.


RunReg is an online fundraising tool to help you easily collect donations. If tech issues make you nervous, don’t worry. They’ll handle all kinds of behind-the-scenes tech stuff so you don’t have to. They’ll provide you with your own personal profile page where they can track your donations and money totals and help you build a template message for email and social media to send out with your request for donations. You can relax; they’ve got you covered.


You and your teammates can encourage and congratulate each other. You can troubleshoot together and move toward your goals. Shared experiences like this can be a hoot and make for great memories.

The next step will be to celebrate your team’s success. Awesome! You will have really accomplished something and you deserve to feel proud.

But…What if you still have more energy? What if your team is still stoked?

How about some friendly competition with other teams?

How about creating a team fundraising event–maybe something silly and fun, like the parade itself? Those proceeds go towards your team’s totals too, don’t forget.

How about engaging your kids in your team’s event? Fundraising teaches great financial values to kids of all ages.

However far your team goes, we thank you wholeheartedly. Your participation truly makes a difference and Northampton Neighbors will put every bit of it to really good use.



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