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Are you thinking about marching in Northampton Neighbors’ DoozyDo Parade? Great! The parade is a mixture of silliness and seriousness – a community having fun together while also showing pride in the groups and organizations to which we belong.

A team is any group of people–of whatever size–who want to join in the DoozyDo Parade. That’s it. It can just be you and a few of your friends. It could be your bowling team or your bowling league. It could be people in the same profession—nurses, accountants, plumbers, lawyers; people who share an interest—gardeners, crew rowers, skateboarders; or people from the same neighborhood or ward of the city. It could be children of any age, high school students, parents, or seniors. And it will certainly be members of Northampton Neighbors. Want to march on your own? Great! Join the parade! Everyone’s welcome!


Invite your friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers to join you in forming a team. You don’t have to have a name or a theme to sign up. Just Sign up to let us know that you’re interested.

Every team has one Captain; maybe that’s you! The captain is the link between team members and the parade organizers, simplifying communication in both directions. You’ll let the parade organizers know how many people are on your team and whether you have any special needs and you’ll keep your team members posted on any information they need along the way.

As Team Captain, you will make a truly significant contribution to an especially exciting and deserving community organization. You will meet wonderful people that you might not cross paths with otherwise, even in your own town. And you will see abilities in yourself that may not have been brought out in everyday life. Taking leadership shows us what we can do, and that can remind us of how powerful we can be.  

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Ideas for Team Themes

The DoozyDo Parade is envisioned as a goofy unconventional extravaganza, but you don’t have to be goofy to join. You can just show up and march with us, expressing pride in your organization, your team or just yourself. Or your team could choose a unifying element, like wearing the color purple or matching bandannas or mismatched plaids, but it doesn’t have to be elaborate. (One team this year will just be waving coffee cups!) We love teams with funny themes—something you wouldn’t normally expect to see in a parade. For example, participants in the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade have included:

  • The Precision Briefcase Marching Drill Team (investment bankers in suits and ties swinging their briefcases in unison)
  • The Disco Drill Team
  • The BBQ and Hibachi Marching Grill Team

Teams can be based on:

  • Favorite movies (Ghostbusters, Star Wars, ET), books (Harry Potter) or TV series (Game of Thrones), or
  • Pretty much anything that strikes your fancy (pirates, mermaids, superheroes, aliens).

If you want, come up with costumes or props that add to the charm and humor of your team – gardeners pushing an actual bed (a “garden-bed”) covered with flowers; pool noodles make excellent oversized spaghetti. And, if you’d like, add synchronized movements with whatever you carry with you. 

You can call us and speak with a “certified” DoozyDo team consultant for possible ideas, if you want. No charge. Or just come as you are!

 Team Rules
  1. All teams must be kid-friendly (this isn’t Mardi Gras!) and apolitical. No causes; just people. We want everyone to feel welcome.
  2. Team captains need to arrive on the day of the parade no later than 9:30 am.
  3. Team members need to arrive on the day of the event no later than 10 am.
  4. Dogs are welcome, but must be leashed and someone must be responsible for cleaning up after them.
  5. Nothing (including candy or beads) can be thrown during the parade. It makes a mess for the city or for the parade organizers to clean up—and we got our hands full!

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Raising Funds for Northampton Neighbors

In addition to having fun and connecting us as a community, one purpose of the DoozyDo Parade is to raise funds for Northampton Neighbors. The minimum contribution for everyone joining the parade is $10 per person, with the exception of children 12 and under who are welcome to join the parade for free. But we hope you’ll contribute more or Take The DoozyDo Challenge! by asking friends, family, or coworkers to contribute to Northampton Neighbors to support your participation in the parade. It might sound daunting, but it’s pretty simple. (See Tips for Fundraising) The $10 minimum contribution applies to all teams and individuals, but not to nonprofits, who have the same struggles we do to raise funds, or business sponsors, who contribute at higher, fixed levels.

Contributions can be made by check or credit card along with your Parade Registration Form Sign up.

All funds received from teams and individual participants in the parade will be used to help Northampton Neighbors provide services and programs to our members. None will be used to cover parade expenses. 

NOTE: Under the unlikely circumstance that weather or COVID forces us to cancel the parade, contributors to Northampton Neighbors can choose to either let their contributions stand as an expression of support for Northampton Neighbors or request and receive a full refund.

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