Parade Basics

What is the parade date and time? 
Northampton Neighbors’ DoozyDo Parade will take place on Saturday, September 23, 2023, rain or shine. The parade will begin at 11:00 am and last 1 – 2 hours.

What is the parade route?
The parade kicks off from 33 Hawley Street and ends in Pulaski Park. See the Parade Route Map.

Where’s the best spot for viewing the parade?
Pretty much anywhere on Main Street.

Where can I get a selfie with Gertrude the Gargoyle mascot? 
In Pulaski Park at the end of the parade. 

Parading in the Parade

How do the parade organizers decide who can join the parade?
If you’re interested in participating, we want to hear from you. Anyone who is willing to abide by the DoozyDo Rules can march as a team or an individual–and you don’t need to live or work in Northampton. You’re welcome to add to the general silliness or just to “come as you are.” 

As a parade participant, what time should I arrive?
Vehicles and floats should arrive by 10am; Teams, nonprofits, business sponsors (without floats), bands and individual participants should arrive by 10:30am. 

Where do the floats and other parade vehicles go at the end of the parade?
Floats and vehicles in the parade can park for free for several hours in designated areas of the Roundhouse parking lot near the bus station.

What happens to my contribution if the parade is canceled?
If the parade is canceled for extreme weather or for safety concerns due to Covid-19, every contributor, whether a team, an individual, or a business, can choose either to let their contribution to Northampton Neighbors stand or ask for and receive a full refund.

Getting Involved

How can I get involved?

  • You can start your own DoozyDo Team. (We’ll help.)
  • Join an existing team. Call us and we’ll hook you up with one.
  • Join as an individual.
  • Volunteer to help before, on or after the parade date.
  • Make a contribution to Northampton Neighbors. 

How can I get my business involved?

  • Enter a Team or a float of your own.
  • Sponsor some part of the parade or sponsor the parade itself. See Become a Sponsor.

How can nonprofits get involved?

You can start your own DoozyDo Team. We do not expect you to contribute or raise funds for Northampton Neighbors unless you want to. Download, complete and return our Registration for Parade Participation form.

Other Common Questions

Can I be a vendor at the parade?
In order to keep things simple, we are not authorizing vendors this year. But check with us next year to see if this changes. And we encourage parade participants to stroll around town, get a coffee or lunch and visit Northampton’s many cool shops.

How can I contact parade organizers?
DoozyDo Parade phone: (413) 341-0160
DoozyDo Parade email: nndoozydo@gmail.com


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