Volunteer for the Parade


The DoozyDo Parade is a big undertaking for a small but plucky organization. We’ll need a crew of intrepid volunteers to make this event a success – before the event, on the day of the parade and after the event, including –

  • a couple of people to manage the items we’ll distribute to parade participants and business sponsors after the parade (Certificates of Appreciation, mugs, tote bags, and who know what else)
  • ushers to help teams find their place in the lineup at the Center for Arts before the parade steps out
  • street monitors to guide teams down Main Street, to make sure cars stop at all street crossings and to watch for any health problems or spectator concerns
  • people to guide teams into Pulaski Park at the end of the parade and a couple of people to guide cars and floats to parking areas set aside for them below Pulaski Park
  • chaperons for Gertrude the Gargoyle in the parade and at its conclusion to help people who want to have their picture taken with the gargoyle
  • people to distribute them to teams, businesses and nonprofits participating in the parade
  • people to help clean up after the parade has concluded

To volunteer or for more information, contact parade organizers at (413) 225-1363 or doozydo@northamptonneighbors.org

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