You’ve been to parades before,
but not like this one.

Northampton Neighbors’ DoozyDo Parade is a joyful, inclusive, unconventional celebration in—and of—the City of Northampton, featuring people of all ages, local organizations, and businesses. Come enjoy local bands and musicians, roller derby devotees, bagpipers, floats and antique cars, and teams of kids, adults and seniors joining in the fun. 

This festival of silliness will connect us as a community while raising awareness and financial support for Northampton Neighbors, a volunteer-based organization providing free programs and services to help seniors in Northampton, Florence, and Leeds live independent, engaged lives in their homes and communities.

Learn more about, then join, the parade. It’s going to be a doozy!

Introducing the Parade’s Grand-ish Marshals

Supreme Doozy Donors

Super Doozy Donors


Special Doozy Donors



Northampton Neighbors was founded to help each other maintain independence, dignity, and joy over time as we age—and engage—in place. We provide services and support for seniors in our community as well as opportunities to connect and share through programs and events. Membership is 100% fee-free and we welcome people of all ages from every corner of the community to participate in whatever ways feel most meaningful. Learn More


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